The Symbolisation of Rose Tattoo Designs

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For recent several decades the rose tattoo has been the most preferred design among all other tattoo themes for both women and men. Each rose tattoo design highlights the extraordinary allure and the charm of this bloom.

rose tattoo

The Symbolisation of Rose Tattoo

This tattoo is the most classic method to demonstrate the truest and the deepest love and fondness. The denotations expressed by this ink can vary according to the tones of the drawing. For instance, a pink rose tattoo is a sign of gratitude, attachment and responsibility, while a purple bloom is connected with strength and attractiveness.

And if we do not distinguish the definitions of this ink according to colours, but generalise according to the themes, then we can highlight several main meanings that these sketches carry. These drawings are a sign of femininity. They can fully express a woman’s inner beauty and outer charm. And of course, we all know the most important advice expressed by a rose: passionate and unfailing love.

Thus, rose tattoos are a charming way to demonstrate warm and tender feelings.

It should be noted that along with all the attractive definitions, the rose tattoo has a negative meaning too. It refers to the black rose, which is a symbol of loss. Moreover, this loss can refer to both human life and feelings.

As for men, of course they use these tattoos a lot, but in terms of colour, there is a certain limitation on their part regarding these tattoos. They mostly use black or dark red shades for these designs.

Regardless of what prompted you to get a rose tattoo, you can be sure that your ink will be subtle and gorgeous at the same time. These are the features without which it is impossible to imagine any drawing of this bloom.


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rose tattoo

rose tattoo

rose tattoo

rose tattoo

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