Stunning Flower Tattoo Drawings for Women

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As there are countless flowers in the world and each of them is endowed with an indescribable and unimaginable charm, so are flower tattoos. Modern tattooing technologies and highly creative skills of tattooists enable flower tattoo fans to wear the charm and beauty of nature’s most perfect creations on their skin.

flower tattoo

Each flower tattoo is a separate culture, equipped with the most unique colours and executed with exceptionally detailed drawing. Each flower drawing, in addition to its charming appearance, also carries a special symbolism.

It is also important on which part of the body the ink is depicted. Flower drawings can easily decorate any part of your body. Nevertheless, they are considered special in each area. The same ink is not seen in the same way in different parts of the body. We suggest you take a look at some unique flower tattoo placement options, then explore our amazing collection.

flower tattoo

Flower Tattoo on Rib

When we say floral drawing, we first of all imagine colour. However, we must honestly admit that tattoos created with only black ink are as wonderful as the coloured versions. If you have a hard time deciding and want to wear both a black and a coloured floral tattoo at the same time, then we can offer an interesting option. You can start with a black outline tattoo like the rib tattoo example shown below. Then you can fill in that same image with colour, enjoying all the fun of wearing a colourful floral tattoo.

flower tattoo

Colourful Flower Tattoo on Arm

Since in the previous example we demonstrated an elegant and seductive tattoo made with only black ink, now we decided to show a coloured version of the tattoo. In this case, the tattoo already contains much happier and characteristic notes.

flower tattoo

foot tattoo

heart tattoo

behind the ear tattoo

thigh tattoo

arm tattoo

arm tattoo

ankle tattoo

pink tattoo

leg tattoo

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